Baby Photography Training (Part1)

Baby Photography Training (Part1)

Baby photography is one of the most popular and important parts of photography.

It is really beautiful to see the love in a family that has just had a baby and to feel the surprise and amazement of their little newcomer. In Studio Photo Rose, we have a lot of experiences and we want to share that with the others.

Baby Photography During Studio Photo Rose years of activity, It came across some tips that will help people in the field of baby photography, and they are as follows:

1- Idea and gesture suitable for baby photography:
Have a list of different designs, poses, and ideas for the photos you want to take and think about the following questions before shooting:
Do you guide parents to prepare for different poses and to prepare and coordinate themselves?
Do you plan to be present along with photographing babies, parents, or siblings?
Are other family members, such as grandparents, present with them?

2- Wearing comfortable clothes:
It is very likely that after taking consecutive photos and in strange positions, you will be able to worry about the correct angle of the baby, so try to wear clothes that are comfortable to move, bend, and have freedom of action.

3- Appropriate age for photographing the baby
Be sure to consider the baby’s age when taking portraits. Studio photographers generally like to have a baby in the first week of life, but it is also suitable for home sessions in the first two weeks.
Keep in mind the hormonal disorder that develops in the mother after the 4th or 5th day of the baby’s birth. Also, many babies suffer from acne or indigestion from the second week to a few weeks, and often start cluster infancy from the 11th day onwards or when they are well prepared.
My suggestion is for babies 7 to 10 days old, so that both the baby is in its infancy and parents have the opportunity to prepare for life with their new baby.

4_ Suggest to parents what to wear
Suggest to parents what to wear. Most mothers prefer to wear a baggy
T-shirt instead of tight breastfeeding tops. Try to use your words carefully, because no one is as sensitive as someone who has just become a mother!
Ask parents to bring their watches before taking pictures; Because of the presence of a large clock in close-up photos of a baby in the arms of his parents; It is very disgusting and disproportionate. Remember not to tell them to take off their watch at the last minute, as closing the watch usually leaves marks on the skin that take a few minutes to clear.