Passport & Visa Photos



There are a variety of reasons that people need to obtain a passport photo and we make it easy to take a passport photo that you’ll be happy with.

NO Appointment Needed

People often need an official photo for the following reasons:

  • for a standard passport
  • for a visa
  • for a permanent residency card
  • for a job application
  • for health insurance card
  • for obtaining citizenship in Canada 


Professional Passport and Visa Photos

Passport Photos

In addition to providing photos that meet the expectations of Passport Canada, we are also happy to take passport, visa and other identification photos for more than 100 governments, with the criteria readily available in the system.

Baby Passport Photos

We are taking passport photos for babies and children, even those as young as a few weeks old.
For babies, Please allow extra time because taking photos of babies can be challenging and the baby should be awake.

Frequently asked questions

No, you don’t need to make an appointment. It is quick and convenient and we’ll print them for you on the spot.

If you have not received your digital copy of your ID photos, you should:

  • check that the email address printed on the physical photos you received is correct
  • check your email ‘junk’ folder
  • make sure your email account is not full. You may need to delete some items to create more email storage as the size of the emailed digital photo is approximately 500Kb.

We usually don’t keep the files of customers. But if you just call us within 2-3 days and bring your receipt to the store.

We usually know all the formats. but if you you prefer to tell us the specifications, it doeasn’t have any problem.

Photographs must be no more than six months old, unacceptable photos could delay the processing of your application. If you have taken your pictures more than 6 months, you should come to the store and take a new one.